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Talk to me today and get the help you need on your journey if you struggle with being overweight. I lost 48 kg during 8 months, and I love to share my experiences with you.

What Our Customers Say

I lost eight kilos in one month without a day of cheating, and I still have six kilos left to reach my desired weight. Thank you, Kathy.
Tannaz Raelove
My husband and I started the 123 diets with Kathy; we're happy with Kathy; my husband lost 25 kilos less than three months, and I lost 18 kilos less than three months.


Here are some of our most frequently asked questions that you might just be wondering
about as well. If you have any more questions, feel free to contact me.

  • It is a liquid spray where you take two puffs under your tongue, 3 times per day
    before your main meals.
  • While you are on the spray you cut down on sugary and starchy foods with our meal
  • The spray helps you with this too; you will not be very hungry, but you must eat.
  • The Maintain capsules are used at the end of the diet to suppress your appetite and
    block sugar cravings. They can be used for 1 month after the diet to stabilize your
    weight loss. You can use them at times like the holidays, like Christmas, to stop
    yourself from falling back into old habits.
  • The Pura is used while on the drops as an extra boost. It speeds up weight loss by
    reducing toxins from your body.
  • Support is offered 7 days a week. Free phone and email support to help you be
    successful. You can join our closed Facebook support group where people can share
    their success, ask questions, and share recipes. Looking forward to helping you out.

You do not need to count calories. Just follow the list of allowed protein, veggies and fruits
and follow how much you are allowed to take in each meal time

You do not need to exercise during phase 2, but if you like it and your body is used to that
specific exercise, you can carry on with attention to the level of your energy and your

Maintain tablets can be taken while on the drops to suppress your appetite, and helps
especially in the beginning.

If you are hungry, I recommend having the Maintain tablets as they suppress your appetite.
But do not have more drops.

No, they do not replace the meal. The 123 Diet drops
are taken before your 3 main meals daily.

We have a lot of clients who are vegetarians who also post their meals on our support group.
In our info booklet there is a vegetarian list.

No, you cannot do this diet if you are pregnant or breast feeding.